Garage Door Hassles Featured

Garage Door Hassles, Who Needs Them?

Garage Door OpenerWhen your garage door breaks, it can be a real hassle, especially if it’s a situation where it refuses to open or close. Leaving it open all the time can leave your garage susceptible to break-ins while a stuck garage door can trap your car inside! For those of us who spend a lot of time in our garages, it can also make the daily routine more than a little uncomfortable. As someone who spends a lot of time working on the car in the garage, a broken garage door can make things tough for me. But when my garage door broke, I had 911 Garage Door on my side.

Finding 911 Garage Door Services when my garage door broke was the answer to all of my problems. They were concise and professional throughout the whole process, even when my problem turned out to be a more advanced one. I’ve never had a greater experience with a repair company. After they fixed my problem in a timely fashion, they even made sure to leave me their contact information so that I could call if there were any further issues. Since they fixed my garage door, I haven’t had any other problems to speak of.

Florida HurricanesHaving a broken garage door can put a damper on anyone’s day. After all, most of us use our garage every day whether it’s rain or shine. When you live in a place like Florida, working garages are vital. Hurricanes, daily thunderstorms, and even hail are all commonplace in the sunshine state. Protecting your car against the elements can be one of the best things you do to protect the investment that it is. Nobody wants to wash their car and immediately find that it gets rained on. What’s more, nobody wants to find their car barraged by hail. Having a working garage in Florida is necessary.

Broken garage doors might have many solutions. A broken garage door could be the result of a lack of balance, broken gears, or even just a simple jam. However, only skilled technicians have the experience and the professionalism to be able to handle those kinds of problems with ease. That’s why 911 Garage Garage Door RepairDoor Services provides some of the best garage care in the greater metropolitan area and beyond. For a working garage door that doesn’t break the instant the technician leaves, call 911 Garage Door Services.

Call them today to figure out how 911 Garage Door Services can work with you to get your garage door serviced. After you speak to one of their representatives, they’ll help you come up with a foolproof plan to get your garage up and running. Within no time, you’ll have a working garage that protects your car from the elements and doesn’t break on you again. If your garage door does malfunction, you can always call this great repair service to handle anything you might need.

Broken AC

My Broken Air Conditioning Unit

AC RepairWe all know that home repair services aren’t always the easiest to deal with. After coming up with quotes, scheduling your repair services, and finding a service that reaches up to your standards, everyone can get a little stressed out. Especially when it comes to your air conditioning! Anyone in the area knows how bad things can get on those hot summer days with a broken air conditioning. However, I know that I wasn’t left sitting in the heat for long when I worked with ACS Home Services. ACS was one of the most efficient air conditioning repair services I have ever worked with. When it comes to my air conditioning repairs, I don’t work with anyone else.

JacksonvilleOn those hot summer days, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the heat while they’re inside their home. Call us spoiled but in the greater Florida area, air conditioning is a necessity. Ever had to sleep through a sweltering summer night without any air conditioning to speak of? I know I have. But with ACS, I also know that I won’t ever have to put up with my air conditioning problem for very long. ACS Home Services provides 24/7 service for even those ACS Mobile HVAC Servicelate-night house calls. Don’t lose sleep over a broken air conditioning system. Call ACS at any time of day or night to handle that busted AC within minutes!

When my air conditioning system broke, I immediately called ACS Home Services and scheduled a repair at my soonest convenience. The technician arrived at my house in a timely fashion and got straight to work. Although my problem happened to be a fairly advanced issue, they never charged me overtime and they always treated me with professionalism. Since then, I’ve always kept ACS Home Services’ number saved in my phone so that I can give them a call whenever my AC system decides to start acting up. That first experience was so great that I’ll never look at another air conditioning company again.

The fast, on-time appointments and our fast, 24/7 response time set this service above the ranks of those other AC repair companies. However, that’s not the only thing that brings this air conditioning repair company to new heights! 24 Hour Emergency ServiceTheir knowledgeable technicians, upfront and affordable pricing, and certifications are just a few of the things that leave the other guys sitting in the dust. Once you work with them once, you’ll probably be just like me: swearing off any other AC repair company for the rest of your Florida stay.

If you want to get a feel for this repair service, feel free to call them whenever you’re available. This 24-hour company lives to serve its customers, meaning that you won’t be waiting long once you ask for an appointment. To get your AC fixed during an emergency and save yourself from some sleepless summer nights, look to ACS Home Services for everything air-conditioning related. Once you’ll call them, you’ll understand why I rave so much about this reliable air conditioning company.

Home Improvement Featured Image

We Love Home Improvement

Home ImprovementWith do-it-yourself home improvement plans on the rise, it’s amazing to see what some people can do with their own two hands. After all, having the skill and the time to take care of home improvement projects with patience isn’t always easy. Not all of us have the extra time to get those big projects out of the way. That’s why many people turn to home improvement services to take care of the larger projects. However, finding a home improvement company within itself can prove to be a quest! When I was looking for a remodeling service that suited my needs, I wanted to tear my hair out. However, I eventually found M. Daigle & Sons, the top construction, home improvement, and remodeling company in the area. Since I’ve found them, my home projects have been as easy as can be!

Home RemodelingWhen I need a little bit of remodeling done, all I have to do is give M. Daigle & Sons a call. After I do that, I get to talk to some of the most experienced people in the business. They know exactly what they’re doing and they organized, allowing me to get a quote, schedule my project, and figure out the paperwork with little to no stress. The first time I found myself in need of a remodeling agency, I was like most people. I was worried that my home improvement project would take too long or that something would go wrong. However, M. Daigle & Sons always makes sure to work directly on-schedule. I was only inconvenienced for a minimal amount of time and when my remodeling project was finished, I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

M Daigle & Sons Google+ ReviewAfter I received my fantastic service with this remodeling company, I made sure to visit their review pages so that I could rave about my great experience. I added my shining review to the lists upon lists of five-star reviews. After all, if this company wasn’t so great, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post! Now, I get to live in a home that matches my style and taste without having to worry about further maintenance. I have a great company on my side to help handle anything that I might need when it comes to the state of my home; with them, there’s nothing for me to worry about.

Have you been dreaming about a particular style of home? Are those pictures on social media of your friends’ homes drawing your eye? Join them! M. Daigle and Sons specializes in residential and commercial exterior improvements, allowing you to install that new Patio Coverssunroom you’ve always wanted or take care of that broken screen porch. If you’re interested in making the home of your dreams a reality, contact them and you’ll soon be living in a house that’s the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Call M. Daigle and Sons as soon as you can to make your dreams a reality. Sooner than later, you’ll be living in a house that suits your own personal style. Imagine yourself coming home from work and pulling into your driveway, custom-designed with decorative concrete. One you set sights on the elegant siding, patio roof covers, new windows, or new doors, you’ll know that calling this home improvement company was one of the best things you could’ve done for your home and your quality of life.

Cautious Mover

Are You A Cautious Mover? You Should Be.

Busy Bee Movers

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably don’t have much spare time for those outside projects. After all, finding time to carry out even everyday tasks can be a hassle. What’s more, life even has a habit of throwing us curveballs! For the busiest bees, handling those big changes in life isn’t always easy. But when it comes to changing locations, Busy Bee Movers is here to help. Whether you’re just moving a few houses down or if you’re moving to an entirely different city, this Dallas-based moving company is here to help. With them, you’ll avoid turning into a total workhorse. Instead, you can leave the big issues to Busy Bee Movers and allow your moving process to go as smoothly as possible.

Moving to Texas

Movers in Texas - Austin LogoThese days, so many people are moving into the Texas area. Recently, Austin even surpassed the 2-million benchmark! With the population increasing, many moving companies have decided to hike up their prices. However, Busy Bee Movers in Texas has always remained honest and affordable with their prices. With fully insured, fully registered movers in the state of Texas, you won’t be finding a mover that beats their prices and has all of their qualifications. With a skilled crew, short and long-term storage facilities, and over 20 years of experience behind them, Busy Bee Movers is the only moving company for the cautious mover.

Common Problems

Most people have moved at least once in their lives and so they know what the common problems are. More often than not, you’ll arrive at your designated location and find that your movers have broken, misplaced, or even accidentally left your items! With Busy Bee Movers, they’re completely insured, eliminating any concern over broken items. Their expert movers will work with you to create a custom moving plan that’ll fit all of your relocation needs. What’s more, they even operate on a 24/7 basis. For movers who are looking to get their move done quickly and easily, Busy Bee Movers is the only company for you.

Relocation Stress

Maybe you’re moving across town with your family, or perhaps you’re looking to relocate your office or corporate location. While moving houses can be stressful, moving your office can bring a totally different set of problems with it. From making sure everything stays organized to working out the details of your new Moving Stresslocation, moving office can be one of the most stressful things you ever do. However, Busy Bee Movers is dedicated to making sure that you don’t end up tearing your hair out over your office move.

Call them today to work out the details of your custom moving service. Busy Bee Movers promises that moving no longer has to be a hassle. In fact, moving into your new home can be as easy as possible when you work with them. No matter what kind of extra bells and whistles you might need with it comes to your plan for relocation, we can promise that Busy Bee Movers will do its best to carry out anything you might need. Don’t let your move be as stressful as the last one – call them today and they’ll help you create a moving plan that works for you and your family.

Architecture & Construction Troubles

Architecture & Construction Troubles?

Jacksonville Skyline

These days, architecture and construction seem to have taken a turn for the worst. After all, everyone is so concerned with making everything as cost-effective and efficiently spaced as possible. Sometimes, keeping costs low and things nearly vacuum-packed overshadows the appearance of the building itself. However, you don’t always have to sacrifice form for function. With Albertelli Construction, they’re interested in making your building look good, work well, and save space without surrendering anything. This Jacksonville construction company is concerned with only one thing: making your building the absolute best it can be.

Construction Cost EstimatesAlbertelli Construction offers several different services for those clients who are in need of a variety of resources. They provide design-build services like conceptual designs, scheduling, LEED consulting, project management, commissioning, and much more. Albertelli Construction doesn’t stop there, either. They also provide clients with general contracting capabilities like pre-construction services, value engineering, and cost estimating. Instead of having to go to several different companies for your construction project, Albertelli Construction will be your one-stop-shop for everything construction-related. After you work with them, you’ll be amazed at how easy it was to get everything done all at once.

At Albertelli Construction, their mission is to provide our clients with world-class construction with innovative, creative solutions. They’re looking to foster long-term professional relationships with everyone they work with, allowing them to understand just exactly how they can satisfy their clients. At their construction firm, they value innovation, accountability, customer focus, collaboration, safety, and quality. Chances are, some of their values coincide with your company’s, and that’s why Albertelli Construction is the best service for your future building’s operations.

Pre Construction ServicesEven before your construction process starts, they’ll be working with you throughout every step of the way. Their pre-construction capabilities include detailed cost estimates, bid management, scheduling, constructability reviews, and value engineering; with all these things on their repertoire; you’ll be able to carry out any pre-construction processes with ease. With Albertelli Construction, they’re ready to help you with even the very beginnings of your construction process. Whether you’re building an apartment complex or a store in a shopping plaza, Albertelli Construction is there to help you construct it.

For a great experience with a construction company who cares, contact Albertelli Construction. During your very first meeting with them, they can help you decide what exactly you’ll require carrying out the ins and outs of your construction process. What’s more, they can help you create a plan for development that works for you. They’ll do it in a timely, efficient fashion that doesn’t sacrifice your building’s appearance! Cal them today to get started on the best building you’ll ever build.

Custom Apparel for the Win

Custom Apparel For The Win!

Team SpiritWhen it comes to managing groups of people, things can get a little difficult when you’re trying to inspire team spirit. What’s more, it can be even more difficult to find a way to do that cost efficiently. However, we’ve got the solution for you. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a quick-and-easy way to give your group that extra edge, Make a Tee Online can help. Making a tee online can be a great way to boost company morale, inspire creativity, or give your team a set uniform. From sports team leagues to fundraising projects, a custom T-shirt can be one of the best ways to get your group members to rally together.

Our friends at offer tees in both unisex cuts and women’s cuts, along with sweaters, hoodies, and even onesies for your littlest supporters! All of their apparel is printed on 100% cotton, allowing anything you might order to be washing-machine safe. All of their clothing comes with the Make A Tee guarantee: you’ll love your T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, or other apparel as soon as you open the package. After all, who wouldn’t love a T-shirt that is custom-designed to their liking? At Make A Tee, they’re dedicated to making sure you’re absolutely satisfied with your T-shirt order.

Make A Tee Online InterfaceHave a recreational sports team that needs a new emblem? What about a new work event that could use a little extra something? No matter what the occasion is, ordering some new T-shirts for your participants can be one of the best things you do for your event. After all, your group members get a brand new piece of apparel and you get free advertisement! When your gang goes around sporting your T-shirt design, everyone will be asking them where they got such a great tee from.

Making a tee can be quite a hassle if you don’t have the right materials on-hand. Many people try to manufacture their own T-shirts but don’t realize the amount of hard work and dedication such a task might require. However, you don’t have to tear your hair out over making your own T-shirt! With their great T-shirt creation services, you won’t have to worry about any part of your custom apparel. Instead, they’ll get you your tees with ease, speed, and quality. Your T-shirts will have your design on them in impeccable quality.

Have a T-shirt design idea that just seems perfect? Visit their website today to get a little taste of what they can offer. Before long, you’ll be placing an order for your very first custom T-shirt design. Bring your team, workplace, fundraiser, or other group together by purchasing a round of their very own T-shirts! If you need a little more convincing before you place your order, feel free to contact them and ask any questions you might have. Their employees are experienced, dedicated, and skilled in everything customer service. Don’t believe us? Just give them a call to find out all the details!

Mortgages Mortgages & More Mortgages

Mortgages, Mortgages & More Mortgages

FloridaFor a quick, reliable service that is always on your side when it comes to your mortgage needs, contact Mortgage Masters Inc. With them, you’ll never have to worry about any aspect of your mortgage again. They’ll work you through every part of your loan application, loan program, and much more. They even have experts all over the greater Florida area, allowing you to have a nearby service that is dedicated and committed to serving you. Orlando, Tampa, Boca Raton, Jacksonville, and even Miami can receive the great in-person experience that Mortgage Masters Inc. can provide.

LoansIf you’re just looking for someone to handle the ins and outs of your mortgage taxes, refinancing, tax savings, your APR, your adjustable rate mortgage, or even a system to compare rates, Mortgage Masters provides free calculators for those things and more! Many clients also visit Mortgage Masters just for a little bit of extra information. If that seems to be the case for you, feel free to check out their website for any additional information about FICO scores, conventional programs, VA loans, research on rates, or even governmental loans.  For anything mortgage-related, you can look to this great company to help you handle the ins and outs of anything you need.

Loan ApprovedWithout a little assistance on your side, the whole mortgage process can be a little confusing. From everything to the several different types of loans to the quotes you need to obtain, these things can leave you tearing your hair out before long. It’s no wonder why some people end up building their whole careers around this. The team behind Mortgage Masters happen to be those people! They’ve build their whole lives around providing their customers with everything they need to make sure their tax, loan, and mortgage forms are as stress-free as possible.

Loan ApplicationMortgage Masters is a stress-free zone that’ll get you started on working out the details of your mortgage loan. They use their experience alongside their technology to ensure that their clients are getting the loan that they need. At the end of the day, you are the one who have earned your home equity. To end up with the loan that you need in the amount that you need to borrow, they’ll utilize everything in their power to leave you with the best number available. After they give you that initial quote, they’ll work together to work on your loan application. With Mortgage Masters, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Contact them today to get started on your loan application, get a quote, or even just speak to an expert about anything you might be confused on. They’ll work with you until every aspect of your application is settled. After all, we’ve all been in your position before and they know how stressful it can be. That’s why Mortgage Masters is so devoted to our customers; they want to make sure that everyone’s mortgage-related issues are handled with care and ease. If you’re not ready to place a call, they can even help you via any of our online contact forms. If you’re a little more advanced in your process, feel free to call them at your next possible convenience and we’ll work out the details of your mortgage!

Ever Wanted to Live at the Beach

Ever Wanted to Live at the Beach?

Miami NightlifeEver wanted to live at the beach? Ever imagined yourself lounging along your own personal beach with the sound of the gulls and the ocean just a few feet away?  With Brosda and Bentley, all this is possible and more. From Miami Beach’s raging nightlife to the calm, quiet waters of Key Biscayne, their realtors have covered almost every luxury condo in the greater Miami area. If you’ve been in the market for a condo that’s just a hop, jump, and a skip away from paradise, Brosda and Bentley is the realtor that can make your dreams come true.

Real Estate Marketing StrategiesYou might be wondering what sets them apart from all those other realtors. This digital marketing company is one of the finest in Miami, but what exactly sets it apart? Their level of knowledge, skill, and experience sets them apart from the rest of the realtor world. No other realtor in the greater Miami area is as keen on their properties as they are. After all, what other realtor can tell you all about the area, adapt to marketing strategies, keep up-to-date with the latest trends, and remain loyal to its customers? Brosda and Bentley does all this and more, making it the top real estate company in the area.

Sunny Isles BeachWith Brosda and Bentley, you are in the very best hands. You won’t experience this level of service and prowess anywhere in Miami. At this realtor company, they are dedicated to providing their clients with the best properties available. When it comes to Sunny Isles luxury condos, they mean business. They’ll show you some of the finest properties around and then they’ll guide you towards making it yours. Before long, you’ll be sitting seaside with a drink in your hand. Like all of their customers, you’ll be completely satisfied with everything Brosda and Bentley has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, Brosda and Bentley will equip you with everything you need to make your dream condo a reality. When you’re ready to buy your next home, you can schedule an appointment with them and get ready to have a company on your side that is ready to fight for you, protect you, and simplify things. If you’re confused about any part of your home-owning process, they’ll sit with you until you understand every bit and piece. At Brosda and Bentley, they want their clients to feel informed, safe, and secure in their purchase.

Jade Ocean Sunny Isles BeachTo start looking into some of the best properties around, call Brosda & Bentley today! You won’t have to worry about any part of your real estate experience when you work with Brosda & Bentley. Their realtors are experienced, skilled, and resourceful in just about anything real estate. All you have to do is give them a call to get started! After a quick tour, you’ll be convinced that you’re investing in the condo building of your dreams. Call them today and they’ll help you settle down in a beachside resort – permanently!

My Vacation in Homestead

My Vacation in Homestead

HomesteadLogoLosing your keys is one daunting task. And one time or another in our existence, most of us have been through this situation just like I did. Well, this happened to me a few months back, but surprisingly I managed to get through it sooner than I thought! Ask me how? It all began as I was on my long awaited vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city. I decided to take my vacation in Homestead, in one of the epic resorts to taking a break and have some time alone time to reflect. The experience was as good as I had planned it to be but little did I know the comfy time I had to myself would be cut short by an unexpected situation.

Homestead FloridaI checked in at a hotel on the 20th December last year at around 3 pm. I was well welcomed and given a classy hospitality, and it was at that point when I checked in my hotel room that it dawned on me I had finally found comfort far from my home and place of work. I put my set of keys to the cabinet beside the hotel bed and surveyed the room with the help of the room attendant. After being familiarized with the place and my new room, the room attendant gave a key to my room and said there was a similar pair at the reception if the need arises to have another. Well, my response was straight forward, I really can do with one! I later laid on my bed to rest after the tiresome journey and my long awaited vacation. After an hour of contemplation and adopting my new environment, I decided to change out of my work pants and head down into the city. I thought of carrying my cell phone, but I thought to myself there was no need to. The only thing I brought was the room keys of course! I went to a nearby dinner and decided to treat myself to a little apple pie. Little did I know, there would be a few problems in my future.

Apple Pie at the DinerI walked around the city for a bit, casually talking to the people who I thought looked nice enough to have a conversation with. A few hours later, I decided to go back to my room as it was already getting late and it was perfect timing for dinner. Upon reaching the door, oops, my keys were not in my pocket! I immediately rushed back to the same spot I sat in the park to check if they key had accidentally fallen into the grass. To my surprise, it wasn’t there! I searched in vain for every spot I noticed footsteps but after 20 minutes of searching, I finally gave up. But wait, the room attendant told me there was an extra key, didn’t he? I rushed back to the reception where I explained my predicament to the receptionist in charge, and she gave me the spare key to my room. Finally, I relaxed on my bed before taking a shower and changing for dinner. I made sure I was careful as I was told there was no extra pair of keys to my room. I went to the dining area as I watched some dance close to the bar. I was carried away by the dance and felt the need to join the beautiful ladies by the other end for a dance. Well, it’s a holiday! After learning some new moves I went to the dining area still checking for my keys. Heavens, I misplaced them again! I now knew I was careless or my pockets were just playing tricks on me. I went to the receptionist again and she was surprised and shocked at the same time! She told me there was nothing she could do unless I searched for the keys or hire a locksmith professional. A locksmith professional? Locksmith Company in HomesteadWhere would I find one? I took my phone and called my friend Joe to get a hand in my misfortunes. I remember him making fun of it after telling him am looking for a locksmith company to assist me open my room by saying,” A locksmith company, Nah I don’t know one, Google for that kind of stuff”. Well, I did that precisely! I searched for “Locksmith company in Homestead” and to my surprise there was an exact match of what I wanted! I immediately contacted them through their contacts on their website, and they promised me to get to the resort in an hour, but it was barely 30 minutes when they got there!

Homestead Locksmith ToolsTwo technicians arrived who were ready to go. They seemed so professional and realistic and for a moment, I felt at ease. They took me through their services as the room attendant watched closely to ensure this did not compromise the safety of the hotel. The helpful technicians informed the attendant on the master key system service and emergency lock-out services they offer among many other services I was not aware of and me. At that point, I felt lesser burdened and knew I was on the right track to my already sour holiday, but all hope did not go. Homestead Locksmith 247, which is a licensed locksmith company, gave me the peace of mind even before they started on their mission to unlock the door with their mastered art of professionalism. First, they assessed the nature of the lock and the door to ensure no damage was made to the door or the lock. Everything was so professional from assessment to the kind of tools they used for the unlock. I just watched as I had no idea of what they were doing but I had peace of mind. Moments later, the door flew open after successfully unlocking the door. As easy as it looked? Well, to me it seemed a steady quick process but to them, it seemed a rather professional process that only took minutes and my worries were over! The attendant was surprised too. The technicians advised the management on the need to improve the locking system as they had many services to avoid such a scenario.

Their fair prices and remarkable time frame gave me full confidence with them and made me realize some of the excellent services they offer be it lock repair, gate security or access control. This is just but a few of the services I was informed they offer and which I also thought would come in handy back at my residence. I must admit I was pleased to have such a reliable company coming to my rescue at such a time. This was certainly one memorable moment I’ll wish to be thankful to Homestead Locksmith!

Our First Update

Our First Update

The moment you have all been waiting for, our first update! My name is James and I’m the lucky winner (or loser) who gets to introduce our site to you. I’ve never been a big writer, as Robert & Chris were always the more prolific of the three of us. Either way, I hope that you will take the ride with me because I know I will get better at this over time. The idea for Drift Dad was not something we planned to happen, considering once our children were born, we stopped those idiotic notions of thinking we were invincible. At least for me, after my daughter, Juliet, was born, I decided that I would grow up and stop taking unnecessary risks. From visiting the cardiologist to starting a retirement fund, I never thought I would be the man that my family needed me to be. But either way, I’m here now and I’m willing to share my experiences, troubles, and words of wisdom with the world.

If I can help one person with my writing, it will have been worth it to face my fears and put my thoughts into coherent words. Because that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Helping our fellow human beings to make this world what it should be. I promise you, I’m not a socialist, I just think that the world would be a better place if everyone worked for an ultimate goal. Ideally, we shouldn’t work for our selfish gains, whether that be fame or riches because I promise you, you’re not going be able to take any of that with you when you’re gone from this earth. For example, everything I do or say, I know has an impact on my children, and that helps me to always do the right thing. At least, what I think is the right thing. I didn’t always have such a positive moral compass, as I mentioned before, Robert, Chris, and myself used to be quite reckless. One time, we even stole food trays from an Arby’s in our neighborhood, so we could go do donuts. That was before any of us had children and we still got off on being immature.

Those times are long since gone and we enjoy the finer things in life, most notably our time with our family and friends. See this is why I’m not a good writer. I always go off on tangents that have no relevance to what I’m supposed to be talking about. Either way, we appreciate you visiting our site and we hope that you continue to come back to read up on our not-so-crazy antics. If you’re looking for more information on us, it would be best to check out our about page.